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Stem Caster - Caster Model L3

Capacity up to 250 pounds per caster.
These institutional stem casters are ideal for most types of institutional equipment, and are offered with a wide selection of wheels.

  • Swivel Construction - Stamped steel. Swivel has double ball bearing with hardened raceways. Metal cover shields swivel bearings from dirt and dust.
  • Axle - 3/8" diameter bolt with lock nut.
  • Wheel Bearing - PS= Precision Sealed Ball Bearings,
    B= Ball Bearings, D= Delrin Bearings, P= Plain Bore,
    RB= Roller Bearing
  • Finish - external metal parts are Zinc plated.
Optional Features:

Wheel Brake - Click Photo to Enlarge

TB - Pedal on side
Wheel Brakes are not designed
to hold on inclines.
You should NEVER select on the basis of load capacity alone. If you have any doubt as to which wheel or caster is the BEST choice for your application contact us for a recommendation.

CALL US AT 800-501-3808

Typical Applications:

Wire Shelf Carts - Food Service Equipment - Maintenance / Office Carts - Merchandise Displays
Electronic & Diagnostic Equipment and Carts - Laboratory Equipment - Office Equipment
Available Stems
We do not provide the nuts to attach threaded stem casters.
T-Nuts for Threaded Stems Click HERE

Threaded Stem
  • TS62
    3/8" - 16 x 1 1/2"

Tips on how to measure your stem. Click HERE
Sockets for this Stem Click Here

Grip Ring Stem
  • GR91
    7/16" x 1 3/8"

Caster Photos are with 5" Wheels - 3" and 4" are also available.

Gray Soft Rubber
Precision Sealed Ball
Bearings (PS)
GR91 Stem

Gray Polyurethane
Precision Sealed Ball
Bearings (PS)
GR91 Stem

Black/Gray Polyurethane
Precision Sealed Ball
Bearings (PS)
TS62 Stem

Blue/Gray Polyurethane
Precision Sealed Ball
Bearings (PS)
GR91 Stem

Red/Gray Polyurethane
Precision Sealed Ball
Bearings (PS)
TS62 Stem

Blue Soft Rubber
Roller Bearing (RB)
GR91 Stem

High Capacity Rubber
Ball Bearings (B)
TS62 Stem

Blue Polyurethane
on Aluminum
Ball Bearings (B)
GR91 Stem

All Polyurethane
Delrin Bearing (D)
GR91 Stem

( Industrial Plastic )
Plain Bore (P)
( No Bearings )
TS62 Stem

Polyolefin - Donut
( Industrial Plastic )
Ball Bearing (B)
GR91 Stem

Ball Bearing (B)
TS62 Stem

Plain Bore (P)
TS62 Stem

Red/Gray Polyurethane
Precision Sealed Ball
Bearings (PS)
GR91 Stem

Blue/Gray Polyurethane
Precision Sealed Ball
Bearings (PS)
TS62 Stem
We do NOT include mounting Hardware.
Photos are only a sample of available products. To see all available products & sizes, Scroll Down or Click Here.
Click on the Part Numbers for Pricing, Options and to ORDER.
Wheel Tread Material
See Wheels Below

Click Part Numbers Below
For Price and to Order

Swivel Caster
Buy it Now
3" 1 1/4" Gray Soft Rubber PS 150 L3RF3X 1 3/4 3" 4"
High Capacity Rubber B 200 L3RH3BX
Gray Polyurethane PS 200 L3GP3X
Black/Gray Polyurethane PS 200 L3BK3X
Blue/Gray Polyurethane PS 200 L3BP3X
Red/Gray Polyurethane PS 200 L3RG3X
All Polyurethane D 200 L3AP3X
Blue Polyurethane on Aluminum B 250 L3PA3X
Phenolic P 250 L3TM3X
Polyolefin - Black P 240 L3PB3X
Nylon ( White ) B 250 L3NY3BX
4" 1 3/8" Blue Soft Rubber RB 250 L3RC4X 2 3 1/2" 5"
1 1/4" Gray Soft Rubber PS 200 L3RF4X
High Capacity Rubber B 250 L3RH4BX
Gray Polyurethane PS 250 L3GP4X
Black/Gray Polyurethane PS 250 L3BK4X
Blue/Gray Polyurethane PS 250 L3BP4X
Red/Gray Polyurethane PS 250 L3RG4X
All Polyurethane D 250 L3AP4X
Blue Polyurethane on Aluminum B 250 L3PA4X
Phenolic P 250 L3TM4X
Polyolefin - Black P 250 L3PB4X
Polyolefin - Black Donut B 250 L3PB4BX
Nylon ( White ) B 250 L3NY4BX
5" 1 1/4" Gray Soft Rubber PS 250 L3RF5X 2 1/2 4" 6"
High Capacity Rubber B 250 L3RH5BX
Gray Polyurethane PS 250 L3GP5X
Black/Gray Polyurethane PS 250 L3BK5X
Blue/Gray Polyurethane PS 250 L3BP5X
Red/Gray Polyurethane PS 250 L3RG5X
All Polyurethane D 250 L3AP5X
Blue Polyurethane on Aluminum B 250 L3PA5X
Phenolic P 250 L3TM5X
Polyolefin - Black P 250 L3PB5X
Polyolefin - Black Donut B 250 L3PB5BX
Nylon ( White ) B 250 L3NY5BX

Use the Polyolefin ( Industrial Plastic ) wheel for "Standing Loads". Polyolefin wheels eliminate the possiblilty of a flat spot developing if the castered equipment is left parked for a prolong period.

Threaded Stem Casters should NOT be used as a "Leveling Device"! Capacity ratings are based on the weight being directly on the swivel bearing.

You should never select on the basis of load capacity alone. Capacity ratings do not take into account the effort required to manually move a load. Capacity ratings are based on manual operation under ideal conditions. If these casters are going to be moved by mechanically powered equipment, consult us for a reduced capacity rating based on your application.

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Photos & graphics are for informational purposes only. Actual product may vary slightly from those shown.
Wheel colors may vary unless specified. If wheel color is important, please contact us for current inventory.