Pneumatic Casters

Pneumatic Casters
Pneumatic Caster
6" thru 12" Wheels

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These industrial pneumatic casters feature air filled pneumatic wheels. Industrial casters are designed for low speed, manually moved applications. Air filled pneumatic wheels provide a cushioned ride, shock absorption and quiet operation. Pneumatic casters are ideally suited for moving fragile or delicate cargo where caster overall height is not critical. Casters with pneumatic wheels are usually the best choice for use outdoors over rough surfaces ( i.e. gravel ) or on grass. The wide footprint on 8" or larger pneumatic wheels provides stability on gravel and does not sink into lawns.
Foam Filled Pneumatic Casters
6" thru 10" Wheels

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Foam Filled Pneumatic Wheels have no air in the tires, thus eliminating the possibility of the wheels ever going flat. These wheels provide the same traction and wide footprint needed to roll on grass, dirt and over small pebbles. Foam Filled Pneumatic Wheels have a higher capacity and higher initial cost than Air Filled Pneumatic Wheels. However, over time, they may prove to cost less because they last longer. People tend to load equipment only to the weight they can move easily. Foam Filled Pneumatics can lead to higher productivity because they require less effort to move.
Pneumatic Caster Alternative
6" thru 12" Wheels

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SUPER CUSHION rubber caster wheels provide a cushioned ride, shock absorption and quiet operation. They can be used outdoors on grass or dirt but are not recommended for use on gravel or sand. Super cushion rubber wheels are nearly as resilient as pneumatic wheels with none of the maintenance problems associated with air filled wheels.

Semi-Pneumatic wheels have an extra thick solid soft rubber tire on an industrial plastic wheel center. The absence of air in the tire eliminates the risk of a flat tire. Although less resilient than full pneumatics, semi-pneumatic wheels help to reduce the vibration and shock caused by floor surfaces which are not smooth.

Ever-Roll wheels are made with a non-marking polyurethane material that will not absorb water or liquids. Since there is no air in these wheels, there is no risk of a flat tire. Ever-Roll wheels are less resilient than pneumatics and the others on this page.
Light Duty Pneumatic
6" Wheels

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Capacity up to 150 pounds per caster. Popular for use in places such as hospitals, scientific and electronic laboratories, hotels, department stores and TV or movie studios.

Features: * Capacity up to 150 lbs. per caster * 6" x 1 1/4" Air Filled Pneumatic wheel with 3/8" ball bearings. * Air filled wheel provides cushioned ride. * Flat Free solid gray soft rubber wheel with 3/8" ball bearings. Slightly less resilience. * Gray tires will not mark the floor. * Available with Plate, Threaded Stem & Grip Ring Stem Mountings * Available in Gray Only. * Wheel is available separately with 3/8" Ball Bearings.

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