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How To Properly Attach a Stem Caster

How To Properly Attach a Stem Caster

There are a huge range of heavy-duty casters available on our website, and when looking for easy and replaceable casters, the stem caster is a fantastic option. However, it does come in a few different types depending on your needs and application.


Stem casters have a long stem that you can insert into a table, chair, or any object that has a long enough capacity to create a cavity for the stem to be inserted into.


Finding The Right Casters for Your Job

Heavy-duty stem casters come in two primary types, either you have a threaded stem caster, or you have a grip ring stem caster, and we’ll discuss both if you need help finding the right casters for your job.


If you need additional help in finding the right casters, contact our support team! We have dedicated professionals with years of experience that will provide you with industry leading advice.


Why Would You Need Threaded Stem Casters?

For installation, you have two options with a threaded stem caster; either you need to install a threaded insert so you can screw the threaded stem caster into the insert; this would require drilling out and then installing the insert snuggly with the item.


Your other option is to drill through something if you have access to the other side; you can then affix a lock washer and lock nut onto the threaded stem caster and screw it in tightly with a wrench. This is a helpful option where your base is reasonably thin, and you just don’t have anywhere to install the threaded insert for your heavy-duty casters.


One of the most common ways that threaded stem casters are used is with pipe or tubing frames. The lock nut makes it extremely helpful so that you don’t need to install an insert of any kind and can just drill a hole where needed.


You can also use a threaded insert over a grip ring stem caster when you need more pulling power, or your equipment will be lifted and moved around and moved often.


Determine your requirements so you can use them in finding the right casters for your job.


Why Would You Need Grip Ring Stem Caster?

Grip ring stem casters can be used for a broad range of things; in general, you would drill out a hole to place your grip ring insert into a chair leg or other piece of equipment, you’ll then be able to push the grip ring stem caster into place with ease.


Your grip ring stem casters are best used when furniture or other equipment won’t be getting picked up, and the force of gravity keeps everything in place. They still offer the high load-bearing of any stem caster, and if picked up, they won’t fall out. But more pressure can release the grip ring stem caster through a pulling action.


Grip ring stem casters are the best option when you’re trying to install casters into furniture or equipment that you can’t access the back of, so onto long wooden legs of furniture, or into thick plastic material.


Inserts for the grip ring stem caster can be made for almost any material, including wood, welded inserts, PVC, metal, plastic. Pretty much anywhere you need a heavy-duty caster, and you can’t reach the back to apply a lock nut, then a grip ring stem caster will be your best option.


You’ll need to determine your requirements and then use those in finding the right casters for your job.


How To Install Stem Casters

If you’re replacing a caster, make sure you take it off first so you can get the details on length and diameter so that you can replace it with the same stem without having to make any adjustments. This will make your life much easier rather than adding work to it by retrying to install a new caster insert.


How To Install Stem Casters: Grip Ring Stem Casters

  • Remove the old caster, determine the size and diameter, and replace it with a new heavy-duty caster with a grip ring.
    • You may need to use pliers to pull the old caster out of the socket or insert.


  • Take your new caster and just push it with some force into the grip ring insert or socket, and it should just snap into place if the sizes are correct.


  • Make sure that a gentle tug or shake on the grip ring stem caster doesn’t allow the caster to come off.


How To Install Stem Casters: Threaded Stem Casters

Threaded stem casters can be installed using two methods, either you’re going to screw them into a threaded insert, or you’re going to place them through a hole and attach via a lock nut.


The process of how to install stem casters is incredibly simple; you can replace the actual caster without needing to replace the insert easily, which is helpful to keep up maintenance on your equipment or if something breaks. You can get the job done quickly as long as you got everything right when you first installed the stem casters.


Threaded Stem Casters with Inserts

  • Remove the old caster and determine the length and diameter of it; get a replacement that will fit the threading the length of the hole.


  • Screw your new threaded stem caster into the threaded insert and use a wrench or other tool to tighten it.


Threaded Stem Casters with Lock Nuts

  • Remove your lock nut, lock washer, and threaded stem caster. Determine the diameter as the length shouldn’t be a major consideration unless something is passed over the top.


  • Put your new threaded stem caster through the hole and put the lock washer and lock nut on top, and screw them in. Use a wrench or other tool to tighten the threaded stem caster into place.


Hopefully, that answers your answers on how to install stem casters and helped in finding the right casters for your job.