Industrial Caster - Caster Model 9 - Stem Mount

Capacity up to 900 pounds per caster.

These rugged cold forged casters are recommended only for manually moved applications. Model 9 is our most popular industrial caster due to its widespread use throughout industry and its low initial cost.

  • Swivel Construction - cold forged top plate and yoke base from 1/4" steel. Swivel has double ball bearing with hardened raceways.
  • Center Pin - 5/8" diameter, bolt and nut.
  • Legs - 1/4" thick, welded outside only.
  • Lube Axle - 1/2'' diameter hollow bolt with lock nut.
  • Wheel Bearing - R= Roller Bearing, B= Ball Bearings,
    D= Delrin Bearings, P= Plain Bore
  • Grease Fittings - for swivel and wheel bearings.
  • Finish - external metal parts are zinc plated
We have an improved version of this caster at a

You should never select on the basis of load capacity alone. There is no industry standard for load capacity ratings and they may not include a factor for abuse. Our capacity ratings are below what the casters are capable of carrying because most applications have less than perfect conditions. Please refer to the information shown at the bottom of this page. If you have any doubt as to which wheel or caster is the BEST choice for your application contact us for a recommendation.

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