Forged Steel & Ductile Steel Caster Wheels

Where loads are too heavy for floor protective wheels, or where unusually severe service factors are present, forged steel & Ductile steel caster wheels will do the job. Usually in these applications the user will not consider floor wear as too great a penalty considering the work that is being done. Forged steel caster wheels will damage most factory floors, and thus are generally used on steel plate, in channel, or as V-groove wheels rolling on angle iron track.

Forged steel & Ductile steel caster wheels have high ductility and tensile strength, and thus can absorb shock or impact without failure. These solid (spokeless) wheels are unbreakable in normal service. Their load ratings are limited by bearing capacity only.

Machined Steel caster wheels are machined from hot-rolled solid steel bar. They are highly resistant to shock loads and offer high capacity, durability and performance. Choice of a 3/4″ ID Roller Bearing or a 3/4″ ID Bronze Bearing. Both wheels are furnished with a 1/2″ ID Spanner Bushing to fit on a 1/2″ caster axle.

These steel wheels are capable of temperatures up to 700° F depending upon the application. At temperatures above 400° F continuous, steel roller bearings and spanner bushings can start to anneal. In applications where temperatures are above 400° F, please consult our engineering dept. at 800 – 501 – 3808.

Part Number Prefex: DS = Ductile Steel – FS = Forged Steel – MS = Machined Steel


4″ Machined Solid Steel
Bronze Bearing

4″ Machined Solid Steel
Roller Bearing

6" x 3" Forged Steel
Roller Bearing

10" x 4" Forged Steel
Tapered Roller Bearing

6" x 3" Ductile Steel
Roller Bearing

6" x 2" Ductile Steel
Bronze Bearing

6" x 2" Ductile Steel Crown Tread
Bronze Bearing

4" x 2" Ductile Steel
Bronze Bearing

6" x 3" Ductile Steel
Tapered Roller Bearing

8" x 4" Ductile Steel
Tapered Roller Bearing

10" x 4" Ductile Steel
Tapered Roller Bearing
We do NOT include mounting Hardware.
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I.D. / Type
Caster Wheel Part Number
4"Flat2"2 7/16"1,500DS4x23/4" Roller1/2"5
1,500MS4x23/4" Roller1/2"7
2,000MS4x2BRNZ3/4" Bronze1/2"7
Slight Crown2"2 7/16"1,500CDS4x23/4" Roller1/2"5
1,500CDS4x2BRNZ3/4" Bronze1/2"5
5"Flat2"2 7/16"1,500DS5x23/4" Roller1/2"6
2,000FS5x23/4" Roller1/2"11
Slight Crown2"2 7/16"1,500CDS5x23/4" Roller1/2"6
2"2 7/16"1,500CDS5x2BRNZ3/4" Bronze1/2"6
6"Flat2"2 7/16"1,500DS6x23/4" Roller1/2"7
2"2 7/16"1,000DS6x2BRNZ3/4" Bronze1/2"7
2,000FS6x23/4" Roller1/2"11
Slight Crown2"2 7/16"1,500CDS6x23/4" Roller1/2"7
2"2 7/16"1,500CDS6x2BRNZ3/4" Bronze1/2"7
Flat2 1/2"2 3/4"3,500DS6x2.50N1" Roller3/4"12
3"3 1/4"6,000DS6x31" Roller3/4"16
3 1/2"10,000DS6x3-.75T3/4" TaperedN/A16
10,000DS6x3-1T1" TaperedN/A16
10,000FS6x3-.75T3/4" TaperedN/A20
10,000FS6x3-1T1" TaperedN/A20
8"Flat2"2 7/16"1,500DS8x23/4" Roller1/2"10 1/2
2,000FS8x23/4" Roller1/2"16
Slight Crown2"2 7/16"1,500CDS8x23/4" Roller1/2"10 1/2
2"2 7/16"1,500CDS8x2BRNZ3/4" Bronze1/2"10 1/2
Flat3" 3 1/4"6,000DS8x31" Roller3/4"21
3 1/2"10,000FS8x3-.75T3/4" TaperedN/A36
10,000FS8x3-1T1" TaperedN/A37
4"4 1/2"15,000DS8x4-1.25T1 1/4" TaperedN/A25
18,000FS8x4-1.25T1 1/4" TaperedN/A40
10"Flat3"3 1/4"6,000DS10x31" Roller3/4"28
3 1/2"10,000FS10x3-.75T3/4" TaperedN/A32
10,000FS10x3-1T1" TaperedN/A32
4"4 1/2"20,000FS10x4-1.25T1 1/4" TaperedN/A52
12"Flat4"4 1/2"20,000FS12x4-1.25T1 1/4" TaperedN/A99

"DS" indicates Ductile Steel Caster Wheels.
"FS " indicate Forged Steel Caster Wheels.
MS " indicate Machined Steel Caster Wheels.

2" wide Roller Bearing wheels are furnished with Combo washers making the Hub Length 2 7/16" to fit into a caster bracket
( frame ). If the wheel is NOT going into a caster and you want 2 3/16" Hub Length, then specify "With Flat Washers" on your order in the "Special Instructions" section on the checkout page. Wheels with 2 3/16" hub length have a 3/4" ID Roller Bearing and do not come with a spanner.

2 1/2" & 3" wide wheels are furnished with the Hub Length shown in the table above. Flat Steel Thrust Washers and a Spanner Bushing are included.

You should never select on the basis of load capacity alone. Capacity ratings do not take into account the effort required to manually move a load. Capacity ratings are based on manual operation under ideal conditions. If these wheels are going to be moved by mechanically powered equipment, consult us for a reduced capacity rating based on your application.