Caster Wheel Replacement Parts *

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Straight Roller Bearings
PNIDXODXLengthFits Wheels
Hub Length
in Caster
RB3/4″X1 3/16″X1 7/8″2 3/16″9,14,15, G15
RB1″X1 15/16″X3″3 1/4″30, 50
RB1″X1 15/16″X2 1/2″2 3/4″NA
RB1 1/4″X1 15/16″X2 1/2″2 3/4″NA
RB1 1/4″X1 15/16″X3″3 1/4″NA
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Roller bearing includes roller assembly and split outer race, but does not include retaining washers. Other sizes on request.
Steel Spanner Bushings
PNIDXODXLengthFits Caster Models
SB3/8″X1/2″X1 5/8″3, K3
SB3/8″X1/2″X1 11/16″NA
SB1/2″X3/4″X2 7/16″9, 14, 15, G15
SB1/2″X3/4″X4 1/16″9SF10
SB3/4″X1″X3 1/2″30, 50
SB1 1/4″X1 1/2″X4 9/16″100, 150
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If wheels with ball or straight roller bearings are mounted in casters they should be equipped with a spanner bushing. If wheels with straight roller bearings are to rotate directly on a shaft (without a spanner bushing), then the shaft should be hardened and ground. For sizes other than shown, please contact us.
Axles With Lock Nuts
PNDiameterXLengthFits Caster Models
LA3/8″X2 3/8″3, K3
LA1/2″X3 1/2″9, 14, 15, G15
LA3/4″X4 1/4″NA
LA3/4″X4 3/4″30, 50
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“LA” indicates Lube Axle
“SA” indicates Solid Axle Bolt
Bearing Retaining Washers
RW3/4″X1 3/16″
RW-TW3/4″X1 3/16″
SW3/4″X1 3/16″
RW1″X1 15/16″
SW1″X1 15/16″
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“RW” indicates Steel retaining washer
“SW” indicates Steel retaining washer with neoprene seal.
Thrust Washers
TW3/4″X1 5/8″
TW1″X2 3/8″
TW1 1/2″X3″
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* Information on ball bearings and tapered roller bearings is available on request.