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3-Step Guide on How to Attach Casters to Metal Legs

caster with metal legs

3-Step Guide on How to Attach Casters to Metal Legs

Since becoming patented, casters have become an essential part of many business operations, due to being universal in the application regardless of culture. Like many other things, casters are taken for granted in our day-to-day, even if we use them for a lot of our home appliances and items: from the fridge and grocery cart to your office chair, the caster is what makes them move easily in different directions. Simply put, a caster is a wheeled device made up of the stem, mount and wheel and helps in moving things around easily. Since they are easy to produce, casters are made in many varieties, depending on their applicability: industrial strength casters, medical casters or those used in the food industry are just a few to be mentioned.

Installing casters on your workbenches or office chair is the ideal option as it offers mobility and also you can avoid scratching the floor or missing any cleaning spots beneath your equipment. If you are wondering how to attach casters to metal legs, continue reading our step-by-step guide.

1. Choose the right type of caster

For heavy table tops, for example, steel legs are a perfect match, since they can be attached directly to the tabletop, not to mention that they can withstand more weight.

When choosing the right type of casters to install to the metal legs, you can either go for plate casters or screw-on casters that have a plate attached to their mechanism or post casters, which require a hole to be drilled up through the equipment leg or corner.

2. Determine the number of casters you need and get the corners ready

Casters have a full 360-degree swivel and we can differentiate the Industrial casters with locks, or no locks option. To secure the piece of equipment you are attaching the caster too, make sure you go for the ones which come with a lock. Also, when it comes to the number of casters needed will come down to the total weight of the equipment and its application.

When it comes to furniture assembly, many of them have very little support at the corners, this is why it’s important to make sure that these can handle casters. Start by measuring the depth of the furniture’s leg and then cut pieces of scrap wood to hold the caster in place.

3. Installing the casters

The first thing to do when at this stage is to flip the piece of furniture or equipment so the bottom faces up. Next, if you use screw-on casters, position the plate in place and square the edges to install the screws. For post casters, simply drill the hole into the leg of the equipment and install the caster assembly.

Don’t forget to test whether the casters can support the weight.


When purchasing a piece of furniture or any type of equipment for your home or office space, you need to take into consideration that not everything is built with casters. Attaching casters to metal legs though can be an easy task if you follow some helpful steps and use the right tools.

If you need help in choosing the right caster for your application, our expert team is here to advise!

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