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Super Cushion Rubber Caster Wheels

Super Cushion Rubber Caster Wheels

The Resilience of Pneumatics without Air

Caster wheels are standard with heavy duty ball bearings.

These wheels are supplied in our Caster Model 9.  Click here to purchase.


Industrial & Heavy Duty Casters | Caster City
These SUPER CUSHION rubber caster wheels are as resilient as pneumatics with none of the maintenance problems associated with air filled wheels. They have a noise absorbing and shock isolating extra resilient soft rubber tire bonded to a thick aluminum wheel center. They are designed for use in Hospitals, Scientific and Electronic Laboratories, Department Stores, Hotels, TV and Movie Studios – wherever noise and vibration should be eliminated. They are ideally suited for moving fragile or delicate cargo.

Wheels Chart (Click the Part Number to Order)

Wheel ONLY Part NumberBearing
I.D. / Type
6″2″2  1/2″350CB6x21/2″3
8″2″2  1/2″450CB8x21/2″5
You should never select on the basis of load capacity alone. Capacity ratings do not take into account the effort required to manually move a load. Capacity ratings are based on manual operation under ideal conditions. If these wheels are going to be moved by mechanically powered equipment, consult us for a reduced capacity rating based on your application.
Industrial & Heavy Duty Casters | Caster City