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Nylon Caster Wheels

Nylon Caster Wheels

White Nylon Caster Wheels are made with a solid nylon material. Black Nylon Caster Wheels are reinforced with glass fiber to increase capacity and reduce friction when rolling. Select Nylon Wheels with either stainless bearings or a plain bore for applications in which wheels are exposed to:

These wheels weigh very little yet they have a load capacity comparable to most metal wheels. They will not develop a flat spot. Nylon wheels are a better choice in wet and corrosive applications which require both chemical resistance and a higher load capacity.

Not recommended if the acid content exceeds 10% of your solution.

R = Roller Bearing, D = Delrin Bearings, P = Plain Bore, BB = Ball Bearings, PS = Precision Sealed Ball Bearings, SPS = Stainless Precision Sealed Ball Bearings

Wheels Chart (Click the Part Number to Order)

Wheel ONLY Part NumberBearing
I.D. / Type
I.D. with
3″1  1/4″1  9/16″300Nylon (Plain Bore) | NY3x1.25P1/2″ PB3/8″1
Nylon (Sealed Ball) | NY3x1.25B3/8″ BBN/A
4″1  1/4″1  9/16″300Nylon (Plain Bore) | NY4x1.25P1/2″ PB3/8″1
Nylon (Sealed Ball) | NY4x1.25B3/8″ BBN/A
2″2  7/16″600Nylon (Delrin) | NY4x2D3/4″ D1/2″2
800Nylon (Roller) | NY4x2R3/4″ R1/2″
Nylon (Sealed Ball) | NY4x2PS1/2″ PSN/A
Nylon (Stainless Sealed Ball) | NY4x2SPS1/2″ SPSN/A
Nylon (Stainless Roller Bearing) | NY4x2SSR3/4″ SSR1/2″
800Black Nylon | MK4x2PS1/2″ PSN/A2
5″1  1/4″1  9/16″300Nylon (Plain Bore) | NY5x1.25P1/2″ PB3/8″1  1/2
Nylon (Sealed Ball) | NY5x1.25B3/8″ BBN/A
2″2  7/16″700Nylon (Delrin) | NY5x2D3/4″ D1/2″3
900Nylon (Roller) | NY5x2R3/4″ R1/2″
Nylon (Sealed Ball) | NY5x2PS1/2″ PSN/A1  1/2
Nylon (Stainless Sealed Ball) | NY5x2SPS1/2″ SPSN/A
Nylon (Stainless Roller Bearing) | NY5x2SSR3/4″ SSR1/2″
1000Black Nylon | MK5x2PS1/2″ PSN/A2  1/2
6″2″2  7/16″800Nylon (Delrin) | NY6x2D3/4″ D1/2″4
1000Nylon (Roller) | NY6x2R3/4″ R1/2″
Nylon (Sealed Ball) | NY6x2PS1/2″ PSN/A
Nylon (Stainless Sealed Ball) | NY6x2SPS1/2″ SPSN/A
Nylon (Stainless Roller Bearing) | NY6x2SSR3/4″ SSR1/2″
1200Black Nylon | MK6x2PS1/2″ PSN/A
8″2″2  7/16″900Nylon (Delrin) | NY8x2D3/4″ D1/2″5
1100Nylon (Roller) | NY8x2R3/4″ R1/2″
Nylon (Sealed Ball) | NY8x2PS1/2″ PSN/A
Nylon (Stainless Sealed Ball) | NY8x2SPS1/2″ SPSN/A4
Nylon (Stainless Roller Bearing) | NY8x2SSR3/4″ SSR1/2″
1400Black Nylon | MK8x2PS1/2″ PSN/A
You should never select on the basis of load capacity alone. Capacity ratings do not take into account the effort required to manually move a load. Capacity ratings are based on manual operation under ideal conditions. If these wheels are going to be moved by mechanically powered equipment, consult us for a reduced capacity rating based on your application.
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