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Stem Caster Model 3

Stem Caster Model 3

“If you want help making a selection, call: 800-501-3808”

Threaded Stem:

  • TS22 for 1/2″ – 13 x 1  1/2″
  • TS26N for 1/2″ – 13 x 2  3/4″
  • TS5/8 for 5/8″ – 11 x 1  3/4″
  • TS3/4 for 3/4″ – 10 x 1  3/4″
  • TSC1 for 1/2″ – 13 x 4″
  • TSC2 for 5/8″ – 11 x 4″
  • TSC3 for 3/4″ – 10 x 6″

Hollow Kingpin:

(HOLE for your BOLT)

1/2″ Hole to mount with YOUR Bolt. Option HK1/2 will show in Options Box

Expanding Rubber Stem:

Fits Round & Square Tubing

Stem #ID of TubingRubber Range ( smallest size to largest size )
ER93/4″.720″ to .851″
ER277/8″.852″ to .927″ ( fits 1″ O.D. 16 or 18 Gauge )
ER281″.928″ to 1.029″
ER291  1/8″1.030″ to 1.140″
ER171  1/4″1.178″ to 1.303″
ER251  3/8″1.360″ to 1.425″
ER261  1/2″1.426″ to 1.589″ ( fits 1 5/8″ O.D. 16 or 18 Gauge )
ER211  13/16″1.790″ to 1.850″

Wheel Size Comparisons:

Image of a Caster, Caster City Las Vegas, Caster Wheels, Gate Wheels, Swivel Wheels

Wheel Brake

Wheel Brakes are not designed to hold on inclines.

Stem Caster Model 3 Chart (Click the Part Number to Order)

When you put your mouse over the words in the wheel description column you see a picture of the wheel. Click on the part number in the Swivel and Rigid columns to see the complete caster.

Click below for Replacement Wheels
Part Number
3″1  1/4″Gray Soft RubberPS1503RF3X2  1/42  7/8″4″
Super Soft Gray Soft RubberB1053RS3X
High Capacity RubberB2003RH3BX
Maroon/Gray Premium PolyurethaneB2503PM3X
Gray PolyurethanePS2003GP3X
Black/Gray PolyurethanePS2003BK3X
Blue/Gray PolyurethanePS2003BP3X
Red/Gray PolyurethanePS2003RG3X
All PolyurethaneD2003AP3X
Blue Polyurethane on AluminumB2503PA3X
Polyolefin – BlackP2503PB3X
Polyolefin – Black DonutB2503PB3BX
Nylon ( White )B3003NY3BX
Hard RubberB2003RN3X
Gray IronP2503CL3X
4″1  3/8″Blue Soft RubberRB2503RC4X2  3/43  1/4″5″
1  1/4″Gray Soft RubberPS2003RF4X
Super Soft Gray Soft RubberB1203RS4X
High Capacity RubberB2503RH4BX
Maroon/Gray Premium PolyurethaneB3003PM4X
Gray PolyurethanePS2503GP4X
Black/Gray PolyurethanePS2503BK4X
Blue/Gray PolyurethanePS2503BP4X
Red/Gray PolyurethanePS2503RG4X
All PolyurethaneD2503AP4X
Blue Polyurethane on AluminumB3003PA4X
Polyolefin – BlackP3003PB4X
Polyolefin – Black DonutB3003PB4BX
Nylon ( White )B3003NY4BX
High Temp Glass Filled NylonP3003NP4X
High Temp Phenolic – FiberglassP3003TP4X
5″1  1/4″Gray Soft RubberPS2503RF5X3  1/44″6  1/8″
Super Soft Gray Soft RubberB1253RS5X
High Capacity RubberB2503RH5BX
Maroon/Gray Premium PolyurethaneB3003PM5X
Gray Rubber ( Crown )PS2503RD5X
Gray PolyurethanePS2503GP5X
Black/Gray PolyurethanePS2503BK5X
Blue/Gray PolyurethanePS2503BP5X
Red/Gray PolyurethanePS2503RG5X
Gray Polyurethane ( Crown )PS2503GPC5X
All PolyurethaneD3003AP5X
Blue Polyurethane on AluminumB3003PA5X
Polyolefin – BlackP3003PB5X
Polyolefin – Black DonutB3003PB5BX
Nylon ( White )B3003NY5BX
High Temp Glass Filled NylonP3003NP5X
High Temp Phenolic – FiberglassP3003TP5X

We do NOT include mounting Hardware.

Capacity up to 300 pounds per caster. These institutional stem casters are ideal for most types of institutional equipment, and are offered with a wide selection of wheels.

Stem Caster Model 3 Features:

T-Nuts for Threaded Stems:

T-Nuts can be used to secure our threaded stem casters to wooden items. Here we show the typical use of the T-Nut for both a Horizontal and a Vertical Application.

In the Horizontal Application, you would drill a hole equal to the diameter of the barrel of the T-Nut and completely thru your wood. Hammer the T-Nut into the hole and thread your caster in from the bottom. This is the strongest mounting.

The Vertical Application is for attaching casters to the bottom of legs and into the end grain of the wood. This is not an exceptionally strong way to mount! Drill your hole equal to the diameter of the barrel of the T-Nut and to the depth of the length of the stem of the caster plus about 1/4″. Apply 2 part epoxy to the T-Nut for additional strength. Hammer the T-Nut into the hole and thread your caster in from the bottom. You must use epoxy as we have had problems with some woods where the nuts ( and the casters ) fall off.

Wheels for the StemCaster Model 3

Typical Applications:

“You should never select on the basis of load capacity alone. There is no industry standard for load capacity ratings and they may not include a factor for abuse. Our capacity ratings are below what the casters are capable of carrying because most applications have less than perfect conditions. Please refer to the information shown at the bottom of this page. If you have any doubt as to which wheel or caster is the BEST choice for your application contact us for a recommendation.”

Image of a Caster, Caster City Las Vegas, Caster Wheels, Gate Wheels, Swivel Wheels