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Mushroom Industry Casters

Mushroom Harvesting Equipment Stem Casters - Wire Shelf Casters for Colonization Racks

When you are purchasing equipment for your mushroom harvesting facility, you want to make sure that it’s built to last, will grow with you, and ensures you can easily move your racks for cleaning and sterilization purposes.  On this page you will find the most commonly used casters by the mushroom industry in zinc plating and stainless steel.

Caster City provides industry-leading expertise and quality industrial casters for every industry. We provide stainless steel plate casters, stainless steel threaded stem casters, log and spore cart casters, drying rack casters, fruiting and colonization racksutility carts, and stainless steel casters for autoclaves more that are specifically designed for the commonly used equipment in the mushroom industry.

Caster City is an industry leader in industrial stem casters for your needs.  We carry deep inventory of everything showed on this page and lead time to ship is always 2-3 days.

Industrial & Heavy Duty Casters | Caster City
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