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Stem Caster Model L3

StemCaster Model L3

“If you want help making a selection, call: 800-501-3808”

Caster City ships all casters from Texas, Ohio, or Washington.

Stem Caster Model L3, Caster City
Stem Caster Model L3, Caster City

StemCaster Model L3 Chart (Click the Part Number to Order)

Desktop: When you put your mouse over the words in the wheel description column you see a picture of the wheel. Click on the part number in the Swivel and Rigid columns to see the complete caster.

Mobile: Hold down your finger on the chart and scroll to the right to click on the part number you would like to order.

Click below for Replacement Wheels
Part Number
3″1  1/4″Gray Soft RubberPS150Click the P/N to Buy L3RF3X1  3/434″
Super Soft Gray Soft RubberB105L3RS3X
High Capacity RubberB200L3RH3BX
Gray PolyurethanePS200L3GP3X
Black/Gray PolyurethanePS200L3BK3X
Blue/Gray PolyurethanePS200L3BP3X
Red/Gray PolyurethanePS200L3RG3X
All PolyurethaneD200L3AP3X
Blue Polyurethane on AluminumB250L3PA3X
Polyolefin – BlackP250L3PB3X
Polyolefin – Black DonutB250L3PB3BX
Nylon ( White )B250L3NY3BX
4″1  3/8″Blue Soft RubberRB250Click the P/N to Buy L3RC4X23  1/2″5″
1  1/4″Gray Soft RubberPS200L3RF4X
High Capacity RubberB250L3RH4BX
Gray PolyurethanePS250L3GP4X
Black/Gray PolyurethanePS250L3BK4X
Blue/Gray PolyurethanePS250L3BP4X
Red/Gray PolyurethanePS250L3RG4X
All PolyurethaneD250L3AP4X
Blue Polyurethane on AluminumB250L3PA4X
Polyolefin – BlackP250L3PB4X
Polyolefin – Black DonutB250L3PB4BX
Nylon ( White )B250L3NY4BX
5″1  1/4″Gray Soft RubberPS250Click the P/N to Buy L3RF5X2  1/24″6″
High Capacity RubberB250L3RH5BX
Gray PolyurethanePS250L3GP5X
Black/Gray PolyurethanePS250L3BK5X
Blue/Gray PolyurethanePS250L3BP5X
Red/Gray PolyurethanePS250L3RG5X
All PolyurethaneD250L3AP5X
Blue Polyurethane on AluminumB250L3PA5X
Polyolefin – BlackP250L3PB5X
Polyolefin – Black DonutB250L3PB5BX
Nylon ( White )B250L3NY5BX

We do NOT include mounting Hardware.


Capacity up to 250 pounds per caster. These institutional stem casters are ideal for most types of institutional equipment, and are offered with a wide selection of wheels. Use the Polyolefin ( Industrial Plastic ) wheel for “Standing Loads”. Polyolefin wheels eliminate the possiblilty of a flat spot developing if the castered equipment is left parked for a prolong period. Threaded Stem Casters should NOT be used as a “Leveling Device”! Capacity ratings are based on the weight being directly on the top of the swivel bearing, not somewhere above it on the threaded stem.

Click Links Below for 2D Drawing of Stem Caster Model L3:

Stem Caster Model L3, Caster City

Wheel Brake

TB Pedal on Side of Wheel

Wheel Brakes are not designed to hold on inclines.

Stem Caster Model L3, Caster City

5" Plain Bore Polyolefin wheel - Threaded Stem 3/8" - 16 x 1-1/2" | Caster For Wire Shelving

Wheels for the StemCaster Model L3

Typical Applications:

“You should never select on the basis of load capacity alone. There is no industry standard for load capacity ratings and they may not include a factor for abuse. Our capacity ratings are below what the casters are capable of carrying because most applications have less than perfect conditions. Please refer to the information shown at the bottom of this page. If you have any doubt as to which wheel or caster is the BEST choice for your application contact us for a recommendation.”

T-Nuts for Threaded Stems:

T-Nuts can be used to secure our threaded stem casters to wooden items. Here we show the typical use of the T-Nut for both a Horizontal and a Vertical Application.

In the Horizontal Application, you would drill a hole equal to the diameter of the barrel of the T-Nut and completely thru your wood. Hammer the T-Nut into the hole and thread your caster in from the bottom. This is the strongest mounting.

The Vertical Application is for attaching casters to the bottom of legs and into the end grain of the wood. This is not an exceptionally strong way to mount! Drill your hole equal to the diameter of the barrel of the T-Nut and to the depth of the length of the stem of the caster plus about 1/4″. Apply 2 part epoxy to the T-Nut for additional strength. Hammer the T-Nut into the hole and thread your caster in from the bottom. You must use epoxy as we have had problems with some woods where the nuts ( and the casters ) fall off.

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