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Ultra High Capacity Polymer Caster Wheels

Ultra High Capacity Polymer
Caster Wheels

These wheels provide high load capacity without causing floor wear associated with metal wheels. Unlike polyurethane wheels, there is no risk of flat spots or delamination if these wheels are left parked for a prolonged period. Instead of injection molding, these wheels are compression molded and then machined. Their straight sided shape maximizes load capacity.

Wheels Chart (Click the Part Number to Order)

We do NOT include mounting Hardware.

Wheel ONLY Part NumberBearing
I.D. / Type
I.D. with
4″2″2  1/2″2,000NX4x2PSPrecision Sealed Ball1/2″2
5″2″2  1/2″2,000NX5x2PSPrecision Sealed Ball1/2″2  1/2
6″2″2  1/2″2,000NX6x2PSPrecision Sealed Ball1/2″3
3″3  1/2″7,000NX6x3PSPrecision Sealed Ball3/4″5
NX6x3PS-1THSPrecision Sealed Ball1″5
8″2″2  1/2″2,000NX8x2PSPrecision Sealed Ball1/2″5
3″3  1/2″7,000NX8x3PSPrecision Sealed Ball3/4″7
NX8x3PS-1THSPrecision Sealed Ball1″7
4″4  1/2″8,000NX8x4PSPrecision Sealed Ball1  1/4″11
10″3″3  1/2″7,000NX10x3PSPrecision Sealed Ball3/4″11
NX10x3PS-1THSPrecision Sealed Ball1″11
4″4  1/2″8,000NX10x4PSPrecision Sealed Ball1  1/4″15
12″3″3  1/2″7,000NX12x3PSPrecision Sealed Ball3/4″15
NX12x3PS-1THSPrecision Sealed Ball1″15
4″4  1/2″8,000NX12x4PSPrecision Sealed Ball1  1/4″21

Hub Length and Bearing ID are measured with Top Hat Spanners.

You should never select on the basis of load capacity alone. Capacity ratings do not take into account the effort required to manually move a load. Capacity ratings are based on manual operation under ideal conditions. If these wheels are going to be moved by mechanically powered equipment, consult us for a reduced capacity rating based on your application.

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