Stainless Steel Caster Model SS-G15

Stainless Steel Caster Model SS-G15

Plate Mount

Capacity up to 1500 pounds per caster. Stainless steel casters are ideal for use in a wet or corrosive environment. Typical applications include Pharmaceutical Laboratories and Food Processing Plants.

“You should never select on the basis of load capacity alone. There is no industry standard for load capacity ratings and they may not include a factor for abuse. Our capacity ratings are below what the casters are capable of carrying because most applications have less than perfect conditions. Please refer to the information shown at the bottom of this page. If you have any doubt as to which wheel or caster is the BEST choice for your application contact us for a recommendation.”

Mounting Plate – 4″ x 4 1/2″

This image is for Plate Size and Hole Placement ONLY. IT DOES NOT DEPICT THE ACTUAL PLATE.

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We suggest that you do NOT drill the mounting holes to attach the casters until you receive them.

Stainless Steel Caster Model SS-G15 Features:

If a caster failure occurs it is almost always because of misuse or abuse. It has been very rare that a product failed because of faulty material or poor workmanship. The following are examples of things that we do NOT want you to do:

  1. Dragging the wheel sideways.
  2. Shock or Impact caused by dropping the load instead of setting it down on the castered equipment.
  3. Improper Installation such as:
    A. Rigid casters not installed parallel to one another.
    B. Swivel casters not installed parallel to the floor.
    C. Using less than 4 bolts to attach the mounting plate.
    D. Distortion of the swivel bearing when attaching the mounting plate due to welding improperly.
  4. Exceeding the rated capacity of the wheel or caster.
  5. Exceeding a rolling speed of 3 MPH.
  6. The build up of heat caused by continuous operation causing tire separation.

Optional Features:

Optional Wheel Bearings - SPS - Stainless Sealed Precision Ball Bearings

Swivel Lock (SL4):

Welded – Locks Swivel, NOT wheel.




Wheel Brake (TB):

Pedal on side of Wheel Locks ONLY the wheel from rolling.

Wheel Brakes are not designed to hold on inclines.

Types of Wheels for the Stainless Steel Caster Model SS-G15:

Caster Chart

We do NOT include mounting Hardware.

4″2″Gray Soft Rubber, FlatSSR250SS-G15RF4x2-SSS-G15RF4x2-R63  5/8″5  5/8″
All Polyurethane BlueSSR700SS-G15AP4x2-SSS-G15AP4x2-R5  1/2
Polyurethane – Blue/BlackSSR400SS-G15UP4x2-SSS-G15UP4x2-R6
Polyurethane – Maroon/GraySSR400SS-G15MG4x2-SSS-G15MG4x2-R6
Poly on Glass-Filled NylonSSR700SS-G15UG4x2-SSS-G15UG4x2-R6
Polyolefin – BlackSSR400SS-G15PB4x2-SSS-G15PB4x2-R5
Polyolefin – High CapacitySSR800SS-G15RK4x2PS-SSS-G15RK4x2PS-R6
Nylon ( White )SSR800SS-G15NY4x2-SSS-G15NY4x2-R6
Nylon ( Black )SSR800SS-G15MK4x2PS-SSS-G15MK4x2PS-R6
High Temp Glass Filled NylonSSR600SS-G15NP4x2-SSS-G15NP4x2-R6
High Temp Phenolic – FiberglassSSR600SS-G15TP4x2-SSS-G15TP4x2-R6
5″2″Gray Soft Rubber, FlatSSR300SS-G15RF5x2-SSS-G15RF5x2-R8  1/24  1/4″6  1/2″
All Polyurethane BlueSSR800SS-G15AP5x2-SSS-G15AP5x2-R8
Polyurethane – Blue/BlackSSR500SS-G15UP5x2-SSS-G15UP5x2-R8  1/2
Polyurethane – Maroon/GraySSR500SS-G15MG5x2-SSS-G15MG5x2-R8  1/2
Poly on Glass-Filled NylonSSR1000SS-G15UG5x2-SSS-G15UG5x2-R8
Polyolefin – BlackSSR500SS-G15PB5x2-SSS-G15PB5x2-R7  1/2
Polyolefin – High CapacitySPS900SS-G15RK5x2PS-SSS-G15RK5x2PS-R8
Nylon ( White )SSR900SS-G15NY5x2-SSS-G15NY5x2-R8
Nylon ( Black )SPS900SS-G15MK5x2PS-SSS-G15MK5x2PS-R8
High Temp Glass Filled NylonSSR750SS-G15NP5x2-SSS-G15NP5x2-R8
High Temp Phenolic – FiberglassSSR750SS-G15TP5x2-SSS-G15TP5x2-R8
6″2″Gray Soft Rubber, FlatSSR400SS-G15RF6x2-SSS-G15RF6x2-R8  1/24  1/2″7  1/2″
All Polyurethane BlueSSR900SS-G15AP6x2-SSS-G15AP6x2-R8
Polyurethane – Blue/BlackSSR600SS-G15UP6x2-SSS-G15UP6x2-R8  1/2
Polyurethane – Maroon/GraySSR600SS-G15MG6x2-SSS-G15MG6x2-R8  1/2
Poly on Glass-Filled NylonSSR1200SS-G15UG6x2-SSS-G15UG6x2-R8
Polyolefin – BlackSSR600SS-G15PB6x2-SSS-G15PB6x2-R7  1/2
Polyolefin – High CapacitySPS1200SS-G15RK6x2PS-SSS-G15RK6x2PS-R8
Nylon ( White )SSR1000SS-G15NY6x2-SSS-G15NY6x2-R8
Nylon ( Black )SPS1000SS-G15MK6x2PS-SSS-G15MK6x2PS-R8
PhenolicSSR1000SS-G15TM6x2-SSS-G15TM6x2-R8  1/2
High Temp Glass Filled NylonSSR900SS-G15NP6x2-SSS-G15NP6x2-R8  1/2
High Temp Phenolic – FiberglassSSR900SS-G15TP6x2-SSS-G15TP6x2-R8  1/2
8″2″Gray Soft Rubber, FlatSSR500SS-G15RF8x2-SSS-G15RF8x2-R106  1/2″9  1/2″
All Polyurethane BlueSSR1000SS-G15AP8x2-SSS-G15AP8x2-R10
Polyurethane – Blue/BlackSSR700SS-G15UP8x2-SSS-G15UP8x2-R10
Polyurethane – Maroon/GraySSR700SS-G15MG8x2-SSS-G15MG8x2-R10
Poly on Glass-Filled NylonSSR1400SS-G15UG8x2-SSS-G15UG8x2-R10
Polyolefin – BlackSSR700SS-G15PB8x2-SSS-G15PB8x2-R10
Polyolefin – High CapacitySPS1400SS-G15RK8x2PS-SSS-G15RK8x2PS-R10
Nylon ( White )SSR1100SS-G15NY8x2-SSS-G15NY8x2-R10
Nylon ( Black )SPS1100SS-G15MK8x2PS-SSS-G15MK8x2PS-R10
High Temp Glass Filled NylonSSR1100SS-G15NP8x2-SSS-G15NP8x2-R10
High Temp Phenolic – FiberglassSSR1100SS-G15TP8x2-SSS-G15TP8x2-R10
Image of a Caster | Caster City |, Caster Wheels, Chair Casters, Chair Wheels | Furniture Wheels