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Solid Stainless Wheels

Solid Stainless Steel Wheels

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Caster City’s Solid Stainless Steel wheels are ideal for corrosive situations, washdown, and heavy-duty heat applications. These wheels are made from S304 stainless steel and are also available as machined V-Groove wheels in the same diameters.

Solid Stainless Steel wheels are great in harsh environments such as food processing plants, chemical plants, pharmaceutical operations, animal cages, naval operations, and sea-based outfits such as oil platforms, and autoclaves.

To purchase this wheel in an industrial stainless steel aster bracket, please refer to Stainless Steel Caster Model G15, which comes in a plate mount or stem mount configuration.

Solid Stainless Steel Wheel

  • Stainless Solid Steel Wheel
    • Include stainless sealed precision ball Bearings
    • S304 steel machined wheel
  • Hub Length 2-7/16″
  • Bore I.D. / Axle Diameter – 1/2″
  • 1500lbs capacity per wheel

Solid Stainless Steel V Groove Wheel

4″, 5″ & 6″ Solid Stainless Steel V Groove Wheels

  • Capacity up to 1500 lbs. per wheel.
  • Tread Width & Hub Length of wheel is 2 7/16″.
  • S304 steel machined wheel
  • Depth of Groove is 7/16″.
  • Width of Groove is 7/8″.
  • Precision Sealed Stainless Steel Ball Bearings
  • Bore I.D. / Axle Diameter – 1/2″
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