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High Temperature Caster Wheels

High Temperature Caster Wheels

If your application exceeds 30 minutes at the maximum temperature rating for these wheels contact us at 800-501-3808 for a recomendation for your specific application. All load capacities are based on ideal operating conditions. Consult us for a reduced load capacity based on the conditions of your specific application.

We no longer carry the High Temperature "OV" Epoxy Resin Wheels as they have been discontinued. Please select a different wheel or contact one of our sales technicians to find you a better solution. 

High Temperature Phenolic Wheels have a prefix “TP” in the part number and are made with glass fiber. They are best suited for dry heat applications such as powder coating, dry heat bakery ovens and dry heat autoclaves. Temperature Rating: Up to 475° F for 30 minutes MAXIMUM continuous operation. Then allow to cool to room temperature. If used above 475° F for more than 30 minutes continuous operation it will reduce the life of the wheel.

High Temperature Wheels with a prefix “NP” in the part number are made of nylon mixed with glass fiber. They perform best in moist heat applications such as in smokehouses, moist heat bakery and autoclave applications and around water and steam such a pressurized steam-autoclave. Temperature Rating: Up to 425° F for 30 minutes MAXIMUM continuous operation. Then allow to cool to room temperature. If used above 425° for more than 30 minutes continuous operation it will reduce the life of the wheel. High Temperature Glass-Filled Nylon wheels are not recommended for dry heat applications because once the moisture content of the wheel gets to zero, the wheel will shatter.

High temperature wheels with a prefix of “OV” are made of Epoxy mixed with glass fiber. They perform best in both moist heat and dry heat appllications. Temperature Range: UP to 460 degrees Fahrenheit for 60 minutes MAXIMUM continuous operation.

The High Temperature Phenolic Wheels ( prefix “TP” ) , the High Temperature Glass-Filled Nylon wheels ( prefix “NP” ), and the High Temperture “OV” Epoxy Resin Wheels have a hard surface and should be used on smooth floor surfaces. If the floors are rough or if there are obstructions which will impact these wheels it will reduce the service life of the wheels. In any high temperature application it is always best to shield High Temperature Wheels from a direct heat intake source. Consult us for a load capacity rating in your application. We will need the following information: Maximum Temperature and for how long? Maximum load on each caster? Is your application wet or dry?

The above wheels with 1 1/4″ and 1 1/2″ tread width have plain bores and a bushing(s) to fit onto a 3/8″ axle. Wheels with a 2″ tread width have a 3/4″ ID Roller Bearing or Bronze Bearing and come with a steel spanner bushing to fit onto a 1/2″ axle. Some sizes are available with a 3/4″ Plain Bore upon request.

Sterilizer wheels have a prefix “HTR” and are made with an engineered rubber tire bonded to a stainless center. They provide quiet rolling, a cushion ride, and floor protection. These wheels were designed for use on equipment in hospital and laboratory sterilizers and autoclaves. They are also used in other high temperature applications where a cushion ride is needed to protect product being moved. Examples include commercial bakeries and aerospace plants. These wheels are never to be used above 300 degrees Fahrenheit. They should not be used for more than 1 hour continuous. Load capacity rating for the 4 x 1.50 wheel is 200 Lbs, and for the 5 x 2 wheel is 300 Lbs. under ideal operating conditions. The 4 x 1.50 wheel has stainless ball bearings and comes with a bushing to fit a 3/8″ axle. The 5 x 2 wheel has a bronze bearing and fits on a 1/2″ axle.

Wheels Chart (Click the Part Number to Order)

We do NOT include mounting Hardware.

Wheel ONLY Part NumberFits Axle SizeApprox.
4″1  1/4″1  9/16″300NP4x1.25-THS | Glass Filled Nylon3/8″1/2
NP4x1.25-SSTHS | Glass Filled Nylon
TP4x1.25-THS | High Temperature Phenolic
1  1/2″1  5/8″300NP4x1.50P | Glass Filled Nylon3/8″3/4
400TP4X1.5-3/8PB | High Temperature Phenolic
200HTR4x1.50 | High Temperature Rubber3/8″2
2″2  7/16″600NP4x2P | Glass Filled Nylon1/2″1  1/2
TP4x2R | High Temperature Phenolic
5″1  1/4″1  9/16″300NP5x1.25-THS | Glass Filled Nylon3/8″3/4
NP5x1.25-SSTHS | Glass Filled Nylon
TP5X1.25-THS | High Temperature Phenolic
1  1/2″1  5/8″300NP5x1.50P | Glass Filled Nylon3/8″1
2″2  3/16″300HTR5x2-BRNZ1/2″4  1/2
2  7/16″750NP5x2R | Glass Filled Nylon1/2″2
TP5x2R | High Temperature Phenolic
6″2″2  7/16″900NP6x2R | Glass Filled Nylon1/2″2  1/2
TP6x2R | High Temperature Phenolic
8″2″2  7/16″1100NP8x2P | Glass Filled Nylon1/2″3  1/2
TP8x2R | High Temperature Phenolic
Click on the Part Number Below to Order Stainless Spanner Bushings & Thrust Washers.
Spanner Bushing To fit a 3/8″ AxleSSSB38121-58
Spanner Bushing To fit a 1/2″ AxleSSSB12342-716
Stainless Thrust WashersSS-TW.75
Stainless Top Hat SpannersSS-THS.375
You should never select on the basis of load capacity alone. Capacity ratings do not take into account the effort required to manually move a load. Capacity ratings are based on manual operation under ideal conditions. If these wheels are going to be moved by mechanically powered equipment, consult us for a reduced capacity rating based on your application.
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