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Expanding Stem Casters

Expanding Rubber Stem Casters

Expanding Stem Casters, Caster City

Overall, expanding stem casters are a convenient and flexible solution for adding mobility to items with open tubing fixtures. They provide an alternative to traditional caster mounting methods and can be used in various settings where structural tubing is utilized.

Expanding Stem Casters are versatile and convenient solutions for mounting casters into open tubing fixtures.  Their primary features are the following:

  1. Design and Functionality: Expansion stem casters are specifically designed to mount casters into open tubing fixtures. They utilize a hex nut located beneath the lower raceway of the caster. Turning this hex nut expands the rubber adapter inside the round or square tubing, ensuring a secure and tight fit.

  2. Mounting Process: The caster is installed into structural tubing without the need for additional bolts or pins. Each caster features a knurled nut that is tightened to expand the rubber sleeve on the caster’s stem. This expansion allows the caster to firmly grip the inside of the tubing, holding it securely in place.

  3. Versatility: These casters come in various stem sizes, each with a specified range of tubing sizes that the stem can fit into. This versatility enables them to be used with a range of round tubes with different internal diameters.

  4. Applications: Expanding stem casters are suitable for a variety of applications. They can be mounted on carts, racks, stands, cabinets, and furniture that are constructed using structural tubing. By allowing these items to roll, they reduce the effort required for moving or repositioning.

  5. Installation: These casters are inserted into tubing, sockets, or drilled holes. They rely on friction to remain securely in place within the tubing.

We Offer Expanding Rubber Stem Casters in Zinc and Stainless Steel

Expanding Stem Casters, Caster City

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