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Vending Machine

Vending Machine Casters

Vending Machine, Caster City

Heavy Duty Stem Casters for Vending Machines

Vending Machine Caster - up to 500 Lbs per Caster Features:
Capacity up to 500 lbs. per caster
3" x 1 3/4" Black Polyolefin ( Industrial Plastic ) wheel.
Wheel Brake
Threaded Stem TS81 is 5/8" - 11 x 1 3/4"
Threaded Stem TS59 is 1/2" - 13 x 1 3/4"
Caster overall height is 4 1/4".

Vending machines often require specialized casters to ensure smooth mobility and stability, given their weight and specific design requirements.

Caster City offers a range of casters designed to meet the unique needs of vending machines. The most commonly sought caster is shown here on this page, providing ease of movement, and ensuring the safety and functionality of vending machines in various environments.

If you have specific questions or need further details about their vending machine caster offerings please call us for more details.

You should never select on the basis of load capacity alone. Capacity ratings do not take into account the effort required to manually move a load. Capacity ratings are based on manual operation under ideal conditions. If these wheels are going to be moved by mechanically powered equipment, consult us for a reduced capacity rating based on your application.
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