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Polyurethane Caster Wheels

All Polyurethane Caster Wheels

These solid all polyurethane caster wheels are non marking and non conductive. The absence of a metal center eliminates bond failure as a cause for wheel replacement. These caster wheels are especially suited for use with stainless steel casters in wet and corrosive applications.

They are designed for use in Pharmaceutical Laboratories, Hospitals, and Food Processing Plants – wherever a clean sanitary design is desired. These wheels are not recommended for applications involving shock, overloading, abuse, obstructions, poor floors, or for storage (standing) loads. Hardness is 60 – 65 Durometer Shore D. Temperature range is -20° to 180° F. Standard wheel color is Blue.

These wheels are designed for use in a wet environment and they eliminate the possibility of tire separation.

R = Roller Bearing, D = Delrin Bearings, P = Plain Bore, BB = Ball Bearings, PS = Precision Sealed Ball Bearings, SPS = Stainless Precision Sealed Ball Bearings


We do NOT include mounting Hardware.

Caster Chart

These all polyurethane caster wheels can be made in other sizes, shapes and durometers. Caster wheels with 3/4″ I.D. bearings are furnished with a 2 7/16″ long spanner bushing to fit a 1/2″ Axle. If you need a stainless spanner bushing, it may be ordered above.
Wheel ONLY Part NumberDurometerBearing
I.D. / Type
I.D. with
3″1  1/4″1  9/16″200AP3x1.25-60D-D | Blue All Polyurethane60D – 65D1/2″ P3/8″1/2
4″1  1/4″1  9/16″250AP4x1.25-60D-D | Blue All Polyurethane60D – 65D1/2″ P3/8″3/4
2″2 7/16″700AP4x2-60D-PS | Blue All Polyurethane (Sealed Ball)60D – 65D1/2″ PS1/2″1  1/2
AP4x2-60D-R3/4″ R
AP4x2-60D-D3/4″ D
1000HU4x2PS1/2″ PS1
1000SX4x2PS1/2″ PS1
5″1  1/4″1  9/16″300AP5x1.25-60D-D | Blue All Polyurethane60D – 65D1/2″ P3/8″1
2″2  7/16″800AP5x2-60D-PS60D – 65D1/2″ PSN/A2
AP5x2-60D-R3/4″ R1/2″
AP5x2-60D-D3/4″ D
1400HU5x2PS1/2″ PS
6″2″2  7/16″900AP6x2-60D-PS60D – 65D1/2″ PSN/A2  1/2
AP6x2-60D-R3/4″ R1/2″
AP6x2-60D-D3/4″ D
1700HU6x2PS1/2″ PS1  1/2
8″2″2  7/16″1000AP8x2-60D-PS60D – 65D1/2″ PSN/A4
AP8x2-60D-R3/4″ R1/2″
AP8x2-60D-D3/4″ D
2000HU8x2PS1/2″ PS2  1/2
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