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Extra Soft Rubber Caster Wheels

Extra Soft Rubber Caster Wheels

The extra soft rubber on these caster wheels helps to absorb vibration and shock, thus protecting the load or cargo while in transit. Another benefit of these extra soft rubber caster wheels is noise reduction. These caster wheels are designed for use in Hospitals, Electronic and Scientific Laboratories, Hotels, Department Stores, TV and Movie Studios – wherever vibration and noise should be eliminated.

These caster wheels will provide the benefits described above only if the weight being carried does not exceed the rated capacity shown in the table. These extra soft rubber caster wheels are intended for use in only light duty institutional applications. These wheels should never be used in an industrial application or where the tires might be dragged sideways. If you have an industrial application, or if you require a higher capacity, please consider our Super Cushion Rubber caster wheels.

These extra soft rubber caster wheels are non-marking and they will protect all hard floor surfaces. The crown shaped tread on the 3″, 4″ & 5″ wheels enhance the ability of a caster to swivel or change direction and will roll easier than “flat tread” wheels on carpet.

Wheels Chart (Click the Part Number to Order)

We do NOT include mounting Hardware.

Wheel ONLY Part NumberBearing
I.D. / Type
I.D. with
3″1  1/4″1  1/2″105RS3x1.25B3/8″ BallNA3/4
4″1  1/4″1  1/2″120RS4x1.25B3/8″ BallNA3/4
5″1  1/4″1  1/2″125RS5x1.25B3/8″ Ball1/2″ PS1  1/4″
6″2″2  7/16″150RS6x2PS1/2″ BallNA2  1/4″
8″2″2  7/16″175RS8x2PS1/2″ Ball1/2″3  1/4″
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