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Casters for Maintenance and Repairs

Casters for Maintenance & Repairs

Maintaining and repairing casters is an essential task in factories that produce a wide range of goods. With numerous types, sizes, and colors of casters due to pre-installed wheels on purchased machines, it can be challenging for maintenance personnel to find the right replacements, especially for older equipment. This is where Caster City can provide valuable assistance. Our Stem Caster by Stem Type page and Plate Size Comparison page offer helpful filters and information, enabling maintenance professionals to easily navigate and find the precise caster they need. Whether they are looking for a specific stem type or need to compare plate sizes, our user-friendly interface empowers them to locate the ideal casters for their 20-year-old machines or any other equipment. By providing comprehensive resources and easy-to-use filters, Caster City ensures that maintenance personnel can efficiently replace casters and keep their factory operations running smoothly.

Most Customers Order Casters from These Charts:

Desktop: When you put your mouse over the words in the wheel description column you see a picture of the wheel. Click on the part number in the Swivel and Rigid columns to see the complete caster.

Mobile: Hold down your finger on the chart and scroll to the right to click on the part number you would like to order.

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