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Black Finish / All Black E-Coat Casters

Black Finish /All Black E-coat Casters

Black Finished Casters
• Semi-gloss black finished for attractive appearance and corrosion resistance
• In stock and available in various series and sizes
• Various fastening patterns available
• For wheel selections, please refer below

Black finished casters are designed with a semi-gloss black coating, not only enhancing their visual appeal but also providing protection against corrosion.

E-coat is an electrically applied paint coating. It is used as either a decorative or protective coating that enhances the appearance of parts while also protecting the surface of parts. Typical thickness is regulated to range between .0002” to .001” depending on the requirements.

All Black / Black Finished Casters

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Black Finish / All Black E-Coat Casters, Caster City
Black Finish / All Black E-Coat Casters, Caster City

Chair Casters - All Black Finish - 2" and 3" - 7/16" Grip Ring Only

Low Profile Stem 250lbs - All Black / Black Finish Casters - Only Available in 2"

Industrial & Heavy Duty Casters | Caster City
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