Chair Casters for Hardwood Floors – Grip Ring

Chair Casters for Hardwood Floors - Grip Ring

These chair casters are for use on Hardwood or ANY hard floor surface. Many home owners and businesses are tearing out carpeting and installing wood floors. To protect these floors you need to use a soft wheel. Although most recommendations are for a soft rubber wheel on hardwood, a soft polyurethane caster wheel can also be used on hardwood floors.

Most of the office chairs that are manufactured today come with twin wheel nylon casters. This type of caster, specifically the nylon wheel, can be used on carpeting but it will mark and scratch all wood floors. It happens because the nylon wheels don’t roll, they slide. When they slide, they mark or scratch the floor. Our selection of hard wood chair casters is the ideal solution for this problem. The soft rubber wheels on our chair casters for hardwood floors will not mark or scratch the floors.

Chair Caster Selection

This chart is designed to help you select a Chair Caster. We take into consideration the weight of the person and the floor surface that the wheel will roll on. We also give you our “Opinion” on “Easy Rolling”. Easy Rolling is a subjective label determined by “OUR” experience. You may come to a different conclusion.

We do not recommend any wheel to roll on soft wood, cork, or hard wood with a rating below 1360 on the Janka Scale. Casters with soft rubber wheels provide the best floor protection for hard wood floors. “Engineered” hard wood flooring has a thin wood veneer bonded to a substrate material. We recommend that the hard wood veneer be at least 1/4″ thick if the caster wheel is soft rubber, and 1/2″ thick if the caster wheel is polyurethane. We advise that you consult with the manufacturer of the flooring before using casters on their product. We can not guarantee that the substrate of “Engineered” flooring will not compress. All that we warranty is the construction and quality of our casters.

Each lettered description here will match a lettered product further down this page.

A. The Black Hooded Twin Wheel Caster is available with 50mm Polyurethane Wheels. This caster will work well on either hard floor surfaces or short pile carpet. It will not mark or scratch any hardwood floors.

C. The Black Oxide Caster has a ball bearing swivel and a Non-Marking dark gray soft rubber wheel. It is recommended for any hard floor surface such as hardwood, ceramic tile, marble, cement, extra thick plastic mats. The wheel is 2″ x 3/4″ wide. The metal body has a black oxide finish.

D. The Casters with Twin Soft Rubber Wheels are a popular choice. They are available with 2″ wheels ( 50mm ), 2 3/8″ wheels ( 60mm) and 3″ wheels ( 75mm ). The soft rubber wheels neither scratch nor mark hard wood or any hard floor surface. Available in Black or Two Tone Gray.

E. The Chrome Caster, our Elite series, offers both soft rubber wheels for hardwood floors and a stylish polyurethane wheel which can be used on either hardwood floors or carpeting. The soft rubber wheel is available in both 2″ and 3″ diameters. Although we do not recommend any caster for a SOFT WOOD floor such as Pine, the Elite series with it’s extra soft rubber wheels has been used successfully on SOFT WOOD floors.

Scroll down the page and choose your favorite. The most important thing is to make sure that the stem of the caster will FIT your chair. The stem type and size are critical. All of the casters on this page have 7/16″ Diameter Grip Ring Stems. Click on the link below to learn how to correctly measure your stem so your replacement casters will fit perfectly.

Some casters on this page are sold in both 50mm and 60mm sizes. This is a comparison between the two different sizes. Casters on most chairs and furniture have 50mm wheels and work fine for most applications. If you require additional capacity or are going to roll on carpet, you may want to consider the 60mm size.

Match the numbers with the different casters as you scroll the page:

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Furniture Caster Wheels



Hooded Chair Casters with Black Polyurethane Tires



Chair Caster with Gray Soft Rubber Wheel


Do not select a 2" wheel if you weigh more than 200 lbs. Select a caster with a 3" soft rubber wheel below.



We believe these are the finest chair casters ever made. They will protect and roll easily on hard floor surfaces.

Mr BIG Caster

If your weight is between 350 lbs and 500 lbs, our Mr. Big Caster may be your best choice. It only comes with nylon wheels and will require a thick mat to protect wood floors. Nylon wheels are the best material when rolling directly on carpet but carpet wear can not be avoided.

4″ Twin Wheel Caster


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