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Dairy Farm Casters

Stainless Steel Casters for Dairy Farming

Caster City Manufactures All Stainless Steel Casters from 304 Stainless Steel

White and black Polyolefin Caster Wheels are crafted through injection molding, creating a one-piece, solid, and hygienic design. These wheels excel in wet and corrosive settings, displaying exceptional resistance to a wide range of liquids, acids, and bases.

Their suitability for dairy farms is particularly noteworthy, as they withstand the harsh effects of caustic cow manure, outlasting many other wheel types in this demanding agricultural environment.

Most Stainless Steel Fabricators Order Casters from These Charts:

Desktop: When you put your mouse over the words in the wheel description column you see a picture of the wheel. Click on the part number in the Swivel and Rigid columns to see the complete caster.

Mobile: Hold down your finger on the chart and scroll to the right to click on the part number you would like to order.

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