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Agriculture caster

Agricultural casters

Wheels have been used to move large items since ancient civilization. Nowadays, caster wheels are used for industrial purposes and are an essential part of the operations of a business. There are many wheels and material options available when it comes to casters, depending on the industry they are used for. Industrial casters are used in the following sectors: automotive, medical, textile industry, aerospace and agricultural industry.

If you are looking for agricultural casters, you need to keep in mind that to meet the needs of agricultural environments, the wheels are easy to use and can withstand corrosive chemicals and weather conditions. Below we offer more information about what type of wheels industrial caster manufacturers recommend to use in agriculture or greenhouses.

Farmers and their work environments

When it comes to lifting equipment, farmers usually go for hand carts and economy SS-K3 stem or plate casters. Stem casters use a single rod to secure the caster to various objects, and are used for light-duty applications, while plate casters are mostly used for most medium and heavy-duty ones.

Dairy farmers, for instance, have a caustic work environment, which means that the 5″ Economy Stainless White Polyolefin Wheel is suitable and resistant to most common acids and other corrosive chemicals.

The best wheel material for heavily caustic conditions

Polyolefin is a very durable material, and these wheels are injection moulded from a blend of thermoplastic polymers forming a one-piece solid sanitary design. These Polyolefin wheels, as with Nylon wheels, are especially suited for wet and corrosive applications. They are very resistant to most commonly encountered liquids and will not rust or corrode amid frequent cleaning or sterilization cycles. Polyolefin Wheels are great for wet and corrosive environments while providing a high-impact resistant wheel.

Our 5″ White Polyolefin Wheel made is an excellent low-cost option- they are more economical compared to a phenolic wheel or a steel wheel. Polyolefin Caster Wheels can be used in a wide range of applications, like dairies, food and meat processing, or warehousing as these wheels are not affected by chemicals, solvents, oils, blood, grease, and will not absorb water.


Whether it is dairy farming, poultry farming, or beekeeping, the agriculture industry is a very profitable niche which requires adequate equipment to thrive. When it comes to agricultural casters, making the right choice is also pivotal for the optimization of the business- this is why our team is here to help you choose the best wheel option and answer any questions you might have regarding caster types.

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