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Central locking caster brakes

Central locking caster brakes

Casters are indispensable in many industries and even in our day-to-day life, as they assist and facilitate the movement of dollies, racks, carts, and other items.

A caster is a wheel and mount combined into one unit. Casters assist and facilitate the movement of carts, racks, dollies, and other items. There is a wide range of industrial casters to choose from, even when it comes to central locking brakes. A central locking system allows you to lock all wheels with one brake pedal.

Below we present the advantages of using these types of wheel casters and main application sectors.

What is a central locking brake system?

A central locking brake system allows to securely stop the multiple swivel casters with 2-4 individual brake pedals or to use one lever that controls all the brakes at once.

Application of central locking caster breaks

A central locking system is recommended when it comes to securely fixing the equipment and for a quick and easy operation of the locks. One of the most common applications of these central locking caster brakes is in the medical industry, where they are used for hospital beds, and these can have a locking system that manages all four swivel casters at the same time. The locks can be operated from both sides of the bed and the pedal is releasing or locking the casters.

Advantages of the central locking brakes

The characteristic of the central locking system makes all brakes accessible with one pedal-which means that multiple casters can be released or locked simultaneously. The full lock brakes make the cart much more secure, a key feature especially when it comes to hospital bed casters. The benefits these factors bring are significant in terms of efficiency, costs, and time. If extra safety measures are required in the case of the industrial casters with locks, the lever of a central locking system can also be protected using a lever lock.

The takeaway

For workplace applications, and particularly in the health industry, central locking caster brakes are essential for the security of patient transportation. There are a few types of brakes for casters and the main reasons why you would choose one over the other has to do with security, longevity, or efficiency for a specific application.

If you would like to know more about the central locking systems on casters or you would need guidance to which one to choose, give us a call and our team of industrial caster manufacturers will be happy to help!