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Ergonomic casters for engine transport

car engine on a mount in a clean showroom

Ergonomic casters for engine transport

No matter what industry you are in aerospace, food or construction- casters are used as an integral part of everyday operations and they are very important when it comes to safety and productivity. If you are looking for casters designed for engine transportation, the industrial, ergonomic ones reduce resistance and force during use- and they are the go-to, especially in the aviation industry.
Below you can read more about their characteristics and usage and how they benefit engine transportation.

What are ergonomic casters?

Simply put, ergonomics means optimizing the efficiency of a machine and reducing the risk of injury. In the same way, ergonomic casters ensure efficiency as they are designed to create less friction with the ground.
This advantage contributes to reducing the force needed to move a dollie or a cart, for instance, and reduces the risk of injury.

What are industrial casters used for?

Carts and wagons have been used for carrying industrial loads since the times of the industrial revolution, and the need for using industrial wheel casters has arisen at the same time. These plate casters have contributed to the increase and improvements in productivity and their use has become compulsory in some industries, like aerospace. The aeronautical sector uses some of the most heavy-duty industrial casters for tasks that require force and resistance-like moving passenger planes from one point to the other.

Benefits of ergonomic casters in engine transportation

As seen above, wheels and casters, especially the ergonomic ones, are the main piece of equipment when it comes to moving engines around and they are far from being a small part of the operations of a business.
But what are the benefits of these ergonomic casters in engine transportation?

Here are just a few we came up with:
-Less injury
-Higher productivity
-Greater mobility
-Lower costs

The take home

Ergo casters can benefit your business in many ways- and they have proven to be the best solution for engine transport.

If you are looking for industrial caster manufacturers to help you increase the productivity of your business, our team is here to help. Contact us for more information!