Dual Wheel casters provide a high load capacity with a minimum overall height. The larger footprint ( two wheels instead of one ) enhances stability and spreads the load over a larger floor area. The differential action inherent in all swivel dual wheel casters minimizes the effort required to change directions. We offer the finest quality polyurethane tires on the wheels in these casters.

There are two different colors. Each color represents a different tire hardness. Too often the purchase of wheels and casters is based on criteria far removed from the essential purpose – “Will they move the load smoothly and easily?” A piece of equipment purchased to carry and move a 2,000 lb. load is costly when it is loaded with only 1,000 lbs. in order to roll. Most people will load equipment only to a weight they can move easily and without injury. Equipment that requires two men to move it, when one should suffice, is also an expensive unit, regardless of acquisition cost.

With an easier rolling wheel and easier turning swivel, employees tire less, there are fewer accidents and productivity increases. Our Staff can give you valuable assistance in the selection of the right combination of wheels and casters for your needs. They are knowledgeable, competent and experienced in caster usage.