• Capacity up to 150 lbs. per caster
  • 6″ x 1 1/4″ Solid Rubber wheel with 3/8″ ball bearings.
  • Gray tires will not mark the floor.
  • Available with Plate, Threaded Stem & Grip Ring Stem Mountings
  • Available in Gray Only.
  • Wheel is available separately with 3/8″ Ball Bearings.
  • Axle 1” diameter solid bolt with lock nut on 3″ wide wheels.
  • Top Plate 1/2″ thick.
  • Wheel Bearing 1″ tapered roller bearings in 3″ wide wheels.
  • NX Wheel Bearing Each Wheel contains 4 Precision Ball Bearings.
  • V Groove Width 1 3/8″ with 3″ wide wheels.
  • Finish Brackets are zinc plated. Ductile steel wheels are painted.

Capacity up to 150 pounds per caster. Popular for use in places such as hospitals, scientific and electronic laboratories, hotels, department stores and TV or movie studios. Not recommended for use while moving with a camera.