These industrial pneumatic casters feature air filled pneumatic wheels. These industrial casters are designed for low speed manually moved applications only. Air filled pneumatic wheels provide a cushioned ride, shock absorption and quiet operation. Pneumatic casters are ideally suited for moving fragile or delicate cargo where caster overall height is not critical. Casters with pneumatic wheels are usually the best choice for use outdoors over rough surfaces ( i.e. gravel ) or on grass. The wide footprint on 8″ or larger pneumatic wheels provides stability on gravel and does not sink into lawns.

Pneumatic casters and pneumatic wheels are also popular for indoor use in places such as hospitals, scientific and electronic laboratories, hotels, department stores and TV or movie studios.

Pneumatic wheels with black tires do not mark the floor as long as the wheel is allowed to roll. Changing directions without allowing a swivel caster to turn gradually around, or dragging a black rubber wheel sideways, can mark some floors.

Choose pneumatic casters with confidence because there is nothing more noise absorbing and shock isolating than air filled pneumatic wheels. When selecting a pneumatic caster, remember that capacity ratings are based on loads being moved manually with the proper tire inflation. If you consider maintaining the proper air pressure in a pneumatic wheel a maintenance chore, then consider our Foam Filled Pneumatic Casters or our Pneumatic Caster Alternative. Please contact us for a recommendation if you need pneumatic casters to be moved with mechanically powered equipment.