Capacity up to 300 pounds per caster. These institutional stem casters are ideal for most types of institutional equipment, and are offered with a wide selection of wheels.

Swivel Construction – Stamped steel. Swivel has double ball bearing with hardened raceways. Metal cover shields swivel bearings from dirt and dust.
Axle – 3/8″ diameter bolt with lock nut.
Wheel Bearing – PS= Precision Sealed Ball Bearings, B= Ball Bearings, D= Delrin Bearings, P= Plain Bore, RB= Roller Bearing
Center Pin 1/2″ diameter steel rivet
Finish – external metal parts are Zinc plated.
Use the Polyolefin ( Industrial Plastic ) wheel for “Standing Loads”.
Polyolefin wheels eliminate the possiblilty of a flat spot developing if the castered equipment is left parked for a prolong period.