Phenolic caster wheels are made from macerated canvas mixed with phenolic resin, and molded under high pressure and temperature. Its hardness is comparable to polished maple flooring. Phenolic caster wheels are recommended for smooth concrete and can be used for storage (standing) loads without permanent set. These caster wheels are highly resistant to oil, grease, gasoline and mild acids. It is not recommended for wet applications where the wheel will be in standing water. They are affected in various degrees by strong acids and some alkaline solutions. Temperature range is -40° to +250° F, with intermittent use up to 300° F. Phenolic caster wheels will carry loads as great as the same size iron wheel. The wheel material may chip or cut from contact with steel plate or from rolling over steel parts on the floor. The wheel tread may show wear from repeated travel over rough surfaces. Floor wear is slight except where floors are already starting to deteriorate. These wheels can be made with a laminated unmacerated tread to provide 25% more capacity and greater chip resistance.