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Polyolefin Caster Wheels

Polyolefin Caster Wheels are injection molded from a blend of thermoplastic polymers forming a one piece solid sanitary design. These Polyolefin wheels, as with Nylon wheels, are especially suited for wet and corrosive applications. They are very resistant to most commonly encountered liquids. Polyolefin wheels have a lower capacity and a more limited temperature range than Nylon wheels with the exception of our Extra Heavy Duty Polyolefin wheels ( prefix RK ). In a cold dry environment, such as a refrigerated store room, Polyolefin wheels may become brittle. They should not be used in a freezer or a heat application above 180°F intermittent usage, such as a rack washer.

Our Extra Heavy Duty Polyolefin Caster Wheels ( prefix RK in the part number ) are reinforced with glass fiber to increase capacity and temperature range. These Extra Heavy Polyolefin wheels are comparable to Nylon wheels in load capacity. They are also especially suited for wet and corrosive applications. Extra Heavy Duty Polyolefin wheels are standard with Non-Stainless Precision Sealed Ball Bearings ( PS ) and Stainless Precision Sealed Ball Bearings ( SPS ).

Not recommended if the acid content exceeds 10% of your solution.


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