The High Temperature Phenolic Wheels ( prefix “TP” ) , the High Temperature Glass-Filled Nylon wheels ( prefix “NP” ), and the High Temperture “OV” Epoxy Resin Wheels have a hard surface and should be used on smooth floor surfaces. If the floors are rough or if there are obstructions which will impact these wheels it will reduce the service life of the wheels. In any high temperature application it is always best to shield High Temperature Wheels from a direct heat intake source. Consult us for a load capacity rating in your application. We will need the following information: Maximum Temperature and for how long? Maximum load on each caster? Is your application wet or dry?

The above wheels with 1 1/4″ and 1 1/2″ tread width have plain bores and a bushing(s) to fit onto a 3/8″ axle. Wheels with a 2″ tread width have a 3/4″ ID Roller Bearing or Bronze Bearing and come with a steel spanner bushing to fit onto a 1/2″ axle. Some sizes are available with a 3/4″ Plain Bore upon request.