These caster wheels are liquid cast polyurethane on aluminum centers. They are used in almost every type of application, but are especially popular in Research Laboratories, Hospitals, Food Service, Schools, Bakeries and other Institutional applications.

They have non-marking polyurethane tires which are easier rolling than Gray Rubber wheels on smooth floors. They withstand exposure to many chemicals and solvents and can be used in industrial applications which do not involve shock, overloading, abuse, obstructions, poor floors or storage ( standing ) loads.

The Extra Thick, softer durometer, CP and UXY Polyurethane on Aluminum wheels both provide more cushion than thinner polyurethane wheels. Extra Thick CP and UXY tires help to protect cargo, minimize vibration, and roll more easily over small obstructions such as uneven expansion joints. These wheels have extra large precision sealed ball bearings. The CP wheels are more resistant to bond failure caused by metal shavings.

Please call us for a recommendation if any of these wheels are to be used with mechanically powered equipment.