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Space Casters: Efficient Mobility Solutions

Space Casters: Efficient Mobility Solutions

Caster City is a leading manufacturer of heavy-duty industrial casters that meet the demands of the Space industry.  Caster City offers a large variety of industrial polyurethane caster wheels and high-capacity compression molded nylon wheels. These industrial caster wheels are not made of metal to suit your indoor manufacturing needs and protect your flooring. Our casters support the heaviest, toughest loads in the aerospace industry. These casters are built to easily roll indoors and outdoors to accommodate large loads such as rocket modules, aircraft wings, wings, fuselages, parts such as flight tools, cameras, and parachutes, industrial 3d printers, and ground support equipment.

Unlike our competitors, Caster City prides itself on having nearly 30 million dollars in component parts at our manufacturing warehouse facility in Texas. This enables us to not only have more available parts ready but be the caster industry leader in shipping and delivery with an excellent lead time of only 1 to 3 days on all our high capacity (40,000 lbs) casters.

The most popular 2-inch-wide caster wheel in the space industry is the UXY wheel.

The cushion tread of the UXY caster wheel offers a quiet, resilient ride that helps to roll the load instead of resisting motion.  This caster wheel comes with an 80A (Shore Durometer) hardness polyurethane tire, which makes it the quietest polyurethane wheel found in 2” wide.  It comes in 4”, 5”, 6”, and 8” diameters and is equipped with two large precision sealed ball bearings with top hat spanners for a ½” axle. This wheel is ideal for going between inside and outside of your production facility and is excellent in a towed application.  The thick tire supports large capacities.

The rabid rebound spring action of this premium polyurethane requires less effort to initiate motion than standard polyurethane wheels, enabling one man to move much more weight than he would otherwise be capable of on rubber or standard polyurethane wheels in the same size.  This caster wheel is excellent for protecting floors from shock loads or wear associated with heavy loads on standard tires, it will not crack or chip your floor from the destructive “jackhammer” action of hard tread wheels.

The PX caster wheel is made from a Megapoly™ polyurethane compound which slows down internal heat that builds up from high loads and significantly increases the load capacity and lifespan of the wheel.  Like the UXY caster wheel, the PX wheel is softer than standard polyurethane wheels in its size, and it rebounds against the floor while under motion.  This resilient wheel’s rebound enables this caster to initiate movement with less effort.  The PX wheel offers a smoother ride than harder standard polyurethane wheels, protecting sensitive components and machinery from the vibrations of going in and out of a production facility.

The NX caster wheel is one of the most popular choices for the space and rocket industry.  This hard-composition wheel can support heavy industrial loads while not developing a flat spot, even if left in place for a prolonged period.  This compression molded wheel will not damage expensive flooring in your manufacturing facility like a steel wheel would.  This industrial caster wheel is ideal for holding the largest and heaviest components of your manufacturing process for long periods.

Caster City manufactures kingpin-less heavy-duty industrial casters to conform to standard American specifications.  Our four most popular industrial casters for the space industry use the following plates and bolt hole patterns

Space Casters: Efficient Mobility Solutions, Caster CitySpace Casters: Efficient Mobility Solutions, Caster CitySpace Casters: Efficient Mobility Solutions, Caster City

Industrial Caster 2-50, 2-100, or 2-150 are Dual wheel industrial casters.  They have two non-marking wheels which protect the floors by spreading the load over a larger area.  Dual wheel casters provide a minimum overall height with a higher load capacity than an industrial caster with a single wheel.  The wider footprint provided by two wheels enables dual-wheel casters to cross over gaps and grooves in the floor more easily than a narrow single wheel, which is important when towing costly manufactured components in and out of a manufacturing facility.

Caster City has invested heavily in maintaining hundreds of pieces of every heavy-duty dual wheel industrial caster bracket and wheel we offer on the website / from our catalogue.  We are ready to overnight ship your heaviest duty needs to support your mission-critical operations.  We can easily match any heavy-duty industrial caster and its specifications manufactured by other caster companies.  Contact us for a quote on replacing your casters with our industrial casters.

Caster City will happily provide any 3D CAD files or 2D Prints for any industrial caster that we manufacture.  Our mounting plates are industry standard for your heaviest duty applications.