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Caster City Limited Warranty

CASTER CITY warrants its products to be free of defects in material and workmanship. Any CASTER CITY product that exhibits a defect in material or workmanship within a period of 30 days from date of purchase will be repaired or replaced free of charge, or refund made of the purchase price, at the sole discretion of CASTER CITY. This warranty requires that any claim of defect be promptly reported to CASTER CITY by telephone with a confirming notification sent in writing.

This warranty does not apply (and we assume no responsibility or allow any claim) in cases of accident, normal wear and tear, damage caused by misuse, misapplication, abuse, overload, impact, shock loads, negligent lubrication or maintenance, defective manipulation, product modification, improper installation or maintenance, damage caused by use with mechanically powered equipment, use at speeds above 3 mph, use in continuous (uninterrupted, non-stop) operation, exposure to harmful chemicals or substances, intense heat or severe cold, damage caused by poor floors or floor obstructions, or when damage is due to adverse conditions or the operating environment.

The warranty set forth herein is exclusive and in lieu of any other warranties, written, oral, implied or statutory, including, but not limited to, implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular use.

CASTER CITY products are intended for intermittent use within rated capacity in a manual operation (at a speed not exceeding 3 mph) over smooth floors with ideal (no adverse) operating conditions. If you intend to use our products with mechanically powered equipment or in a power towed application please consult us with the details of your application for a recommendation. In all cases our liability shall be limited to the cost of the product.

All products shown on our website, with the exception of chair casters, are for the sole purpose of conveying goods and services. These products are NOT designed for the conveyance of people. With respect to chair and furniture casters,we do not recommend any wheel to roll on soft wood, cork, or hard wood with a rating below 1360 on the Janka Scale. Casters with soft rubber wheels provide the best floor protection for hard wood floors. “Engineered” hard wood flooring has a thin wood veneer bonded to a substrate material. We recommend that the hard wood veneer be at least 1/4″ thick if the caster wheel is soft rubber, and 1/2″ thick if the caster wheel is polyurethane. We advise that you consult with the manufacturer of the flooring before using casters on their product. We can not guarantee that the substrate of “Engineered” flooring will not compress. All that we warranty is the construction and quality of our casters.

We strongly recommend that you read “Factors to Consider Before Selection”. If you need further assistance selecting the proper wheel or caster, consult CASTER CITY for a written recommendation based on the details of your application. Suggestions made over the telephone are not to be considered a recommendation. We will gladly be of help.

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