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How to use the Hollow Kingpin ( HK1/2 ) Stem Option

How to use the Hollow Kingpin ( HK1/2 ) Stem Option

This month’s Tip is two fold…

How to use the Hollow Kingpin ( HK1/2 ) Stem Option, Caster CityTip 1. Many times we have requests for longer 1/2″ threaded stems on some of our caster models. We only produce the most popular stem lengths but you can make your own.

Ollie’s Tip: On our various Model 3 stem casters, we offer a “Stem” (or lack there of) option which is called HK1/2. This is actually a 1/2″ hole thru the swivel bearing to be used with a 1/2″ bolt which you supply. The bolt slides thru the hole and can be any length that you need. Remove the caster wheel (simple nut and bolt axle), mount the caster bracket using your bolt and replace the wheel. It’s that easy.

Tip 2. Attaching a caster to the end grain of wood is difficult. Using plate mount casters often puts the mounting screws on the edges of the wood and the casters are not that secure. Others try to use a threaded stem caster with T-Nuts. This is not a good solution either because the T-Nut can loosen (even if epoxied) and the caster will not be securely attached. How can we get a good solid installation into the end grain of wood?

Ollie’s Tip: Using the same tip as above, substitute the 1/2″ bolt with a 1/2″ x 2 1/2″ Lag Bolt as shown in the photos. Drill a pilot hole into the end grain and attach the bracket. This is a VERY SOLID installation.

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