Plate Caster Model 14

Plate Caster Model 14

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Industrial Plate Caster - Plate Mount

Capacity up to 1,400 pounds per caster. Model 14 is a cold forged caster with a larger swivel bearing and center pin than Model 9. It can be used for up to 1400 lbs per caster on manually moved equipment.

“When used with mechanically powered equipment please consult us for a recommendation.”

Image of a Caster | Caster City |, Caster Wheels, Chair Casters, Chair Wheels | Furniture Wheels

Plate Caster Model 14 Features:

Plate Caster Model 14 Instructions:

You should never select on the basis of load capacity alone. Capacity ratings do not take into account the effort required to manually move a load. Capacity ratings are based on manual operation under ideal conditions. If these casters are going to be moved by mechanically powered equipment, consult us for a reduced capacity rating based on your application. If a human being has to move the weight, select the largest practical wheel diameter. If a caster failure occurs it is almost always because of misuse or abuse. It has been very rare that a product failed because of faulty material or poor workmanship. The following are examples of things that we do NOT want you to do:

1. Dragging the wheel sideways.
2. Shock or Impact caused by dropping the load instead of setting it down on the castered equipment.
3. Improper Installation such as:
A. Rigid casters not installed parallel to one another.
B. Swivel casters not installed parallel to the floor.
C. Using less than 4 bolts to attach the mounting plate.
D. Distortion of the swivel bearing when attaching the mounting plate due to welding improperly.
4. Exceeding the rated capacity of the wheel or caster.
5. Exceeding a rolling speed of 3 MPH.
6. The build up of heat caused by continuous operation causing tire separation.

Optional Features:

Swivel Lock (SL4):

Welded – Locks Swivel, NOT wheel.




Wheel Brake (TB):

Pedal on side of Wheel Locks ONLY the wheel from rolling. The TB wheel brake is not available on a swivel with the Long Lead.

Wheel Brakes are not designed to hold on inclines.

Wheel Brake (FCB):

Face Contact Brake


Wheel Brakes are not designed to hold on inclines. Not available on V-Groove Wheels.

Types of Wheels for the Plate Caster Model 14

Caster Chart

4″2″Gray Soft Rubber, FlatR25014RF4x2-S14RF4x2-R7″3  5/16″5  5/8″
Polyurethane on Iron – GreenR70014PY4x2-S14PY4x2-R8″
Blue Polyurethane on Iron – Slight CrownR60014PYC4x2-S14PYC4x2-R8″
Poly on Glass-Filled NylonR70014UG4x2-S14UG4x2-R7″
Polyolefin – BlackR40014PB4x2-S14PB4x2-R6″
Ductile Steel – FlatR120014DS4x2-S14DS4x2-R12″
V-Groove Ductile SteelR120014VS4x2-S14VS4x2-R12″
6″2″Gray Soft Rubber, FlatR40014RF6x2-S14RF6x2-R9  1/2″4  3/4″7  1/2″
Polyurethane on Iron – GreenR100014PY6x2-S14PY6x2-R11″
Blue Polyurethane on Iron – Slight CrownPS120014PYC6x2-S14PYC6x2-R12″
Blue Polyurethane on Aluminum – CrownPS120014UDC6x2-S14UDC6x2-R9″
Poly on Glass-Filled NylonR120014UG6x2-S14UG6x2-R9″
Polyolefin – BlackR60014PB6x2-S14PB6x2-R8  1/2″
PhenolicR120014TM6x2-S14TM6x2-R8  1/2″
Ductile Steel – FlatR140014DS6x2-S14DS6x2-R12  1/4″
8″2″Gray Soft Rubber, FlatR50014RF8x2-S14RF8x2-R11″6  1/4″9  1/2″
Polyurethane on Iron – GreenR120014PY8x2-S14PY8x2-R14
Blue Polyurethane on Iron – Slight CrownPS140014PYC8x2-S14PYC8x2-R15
Blue Polyurethane on Aluminum – CrownPS140014UDC8x2-S14UDC8x2-R10
Poly on Glass-Filled NylonR140014UG8x2-S14UG8x2-R10
Polyolefin – BlackR70014PB8x2-S14PB8x2-R11
Ductile Steel – FlatR140014DS8x2-S14DS8x2-R16
Image of a Caster | Caster City |, Caster Wheels, Chair Casters, Chair Wheels | Furniture Wheels