Dual Wheel Casters - Total Locking Brake

Features & Benefits:

  • Two 2" non-marking gray soft rubber ball bearing wheels, or Two 2" non-marking gray polyurethane ball bearing wheels.
  • Soft rubber wheels provide a cushioned resilient ride protecting cargo as well as floor surfaces. It also reduces noise, vibration and rolls over small obstructions. Polyurethane wheels provide quiet rolling with a higher capacity.
  • The wider footprint provided by two wheels enables the casters to cross winch tracks, gaps and grooves in the floor.
  • Dual Wheel casters provide a higher load capacity with a minimum overall height.
  • The differential action provided by two wheels enables the caster to swivel easier than a single wheel having the same size footprint.
  • The Total Locking Brake locks both the swivel and the wheel simultaneously.
  • If these casters are going to be left parked for a prolong period there is the possibility that the tires could develop a flat spot. As a general rule, in situations like this reduce the rated capacity by 50% in order to minimize the possibility of a flat spot.
You should never select on the basis of load capacity alone. There is no industry standard for load capacity ratings and they may not include a factor for abuse. Our capacity ratings are below what the casters are capable of carrying because most applications have less than perfect conditions. Please refer to the information shown at the bottom of this page. If you have any doubt as to which wheel or caster is the BEST choice for your application contact us for a recommendation.

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Mounting Plate
for both 2" & 3"
Top Plate Size Bolt Hole Spacing Bolt Size
2 3/8" x 2 3/8" 1 1/2" x 1 1/2"
1 7/8" x 1 7/8"
( .236" )

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2" Polyurethane Wheel - Plate Mount
Total Locking Brake - Off Position

2" Rubber Wheel - Plate Mount
Total Locking Brake - Locked Position
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Wheel Tread Material Tread
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Part Number
2" Gray Rubber 3/4" 125 Brake 2-2A-GR2x3/4SML 1 1/2 2 3/8" 2 7/8"
Gray Polyurethane 3/4" 125 Brake 2-2A-GP2x3/4SML

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